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The South Ward of Newark: 

"Residents of the South Ward want accountability and measurable results," Bankston said. "With home foreclosures at its highest, considering our Clinton Hill community, is experiencing not just the highest crime within the city's ward, but also the highest criminal activity in the country. The aforementioned, coupled with having greatest loss city-wide of our community public schools, is not moving Newark in a positive direction. In 2018, it's clear that while the City of Newark may be performing better overall, the South Ward of Newark is performing at its worst ever."

Why are you running for council?
Since the riots of 1968, Newarkers have endured a crisis of leadership within the municipal council, that has caused generations of Newarkers to be mired with low expectations and thus tolerant of low standards. They deserve better. We deserve better. I am better. The people of Newark, particularly the residents living within the South ward of Newark, are desperately in need of representation on the Municipal Council... that can better address the needs of our community. Too many of our public office holders, have regarded a seat on the Council as simply a “good job” that will benefit themselves, with their constituents as little more than afterthoughts. Presently, 72% of Newark's residents are under the age of 45-years old and there is not one official within City Hall, elected and representing that demographic. In 2018, I am the best candidate to help effectively bridge the generation gap in Newark. I'm Visible. I'm Accountable. I'm Relevant. I am the leader for the job in the 21st Century. I will work with both the Mayor and my colleagues, to ensure that fiscal accountability and quality of life, are top concerns of our local government.  The South Ward of Newark needs leadership, NOT LEGACY. 

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My name is Terrance L. Bankston, and like you, I want to continue playing an active role in making my community, state and country a safer, better place to raise my child/ren, run a business, and forge a future filled with unlimited promise  and endless possibilities. 

If you share my vision, I urge you to connect with me and help make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference-- for our families, our communities, and our state. 

-Terrance L. Bankston

"The South Ward of Newark Needs Leadership, NOT LEGACY."

actions still speak louder than rhetoric