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Professional Accomplishments

 As the Director of Youth One Stop Career Center for the City of Newark:

As the Director of the Newark Youth One Stop Career Center, Terrance worked along side the Director of One Stop Operations and was directly responsible for managing the day to day workforce investment system; commonly known as the one stop (youth) operations, which consisted of the federally funded 2.1 million dollar Workforce Investment Act Year Round Program, in addition to the Mayor’s Annual Summer Work Experience 1.8 million dollar Program. As Director, Terrance was responsible for working with the following federally mandated partners: Newark Workforce Investment Board and the Newark Youth Investment Council to coordinate workforce investment act activities with economic development strategies to develop employer linkages. Moreover, took proper actions to actively engage business, community, and education stakeholders around local needs and priorities for youth services in Newark.

As Director, Terrance directly managed 10 full-time employees and between 30-50 seasonal employees. As Director, Terrance had direct oversight of over 250 work-sites and 4 different summer programs, which employed over 2,000 youth, ages 14-21. Prior to Terrance's tenure, the Newark Youth One Stop Career Center had experienced numerous procedural issues and challenges that had historically lead to missing files and massive payroll and programmatic issues. In a concentrated effort to set a national standard of excellence within the Newark Youth One Stop Career Center, the One Stop leadership under Terrance's leadership, has took strategic and timely actions to rejuvenate and enhance current services, while revamping and perfecting processes significantly affecting all operations of the Youth One Stop Career Center. Moreover, Terrance took action to create new and innovative programming and relationships, with community partners, to offer additional services to Newark Youth, year round, outside of the center’s existing Workforce Investment Act Year Round Program.

Additional responsibilities included:

1.     Managing a 3.1 million dollar stimulus summer employment and transitional services program.

2.     Managing a 2 million dollar TANF summer employment and transitional services program; also serving as a reviewer on the Request for Proposal Review


3.     Managing several federally funded year round programs; lead by providers obtained though an open bid process.

4.     Serving as the co-chair of the Mayor’s Youth Policy Advisory Council.

5.     Recruiting work sites from the private, non-profit and public sectors for the Mayor’s annual summer employment program.

6.     Recruiting work sites from the non-profit and public sectors for the Workforce Investment Act Summer Program.

7.     Coordinating specialized trainings and workshops for youth participants enrolled in the city’s summer employment programs, community partners and work site supervisors.

8.     Organizing and overseeing recruitment efforts and program certification of over 3,000 Newark (in-school/out-of-school) youth enrolled in the city’s Summer Work Experience Program.

9.     Overseeing all summer programs and summer program related activities; including Workforce Investment Act- Year Round Program Youth, enrolled in a summer component or activities sponsored by the Newark Youth One Stop Career Center.

10.   Recruiting mentors and mentees for the Newark Youth One Stop Career Center’s (newly developed) “Next Level” Mentoring Program. In addition oversee development and operation of the aforementioned program.

11.   Developing and coordinating year round workshops (Resume Building, Interview techniques, personal and professional development) available to Newark youth and required for youth applying for the Mayor’s Summer Youth Work Experience Program.

12.   Overseeing recruitment efforts for the Governor’s Annual Summer HEAT work experience program.

13.   Overseeing recruitment and training efforts for the Continental Airlines Annual Summer Internship Program.

As the Director of Constituent Services for the City of Newark:

Assisted numerous residents with identifying or securing employment and training opportunities. Planned and executed over 100 programs/events within first year. Organized the Mayor’s first job training & employment opportunities tour.  Structured and managed a new division of the Mayor’s Office geared towards best assisting residents with navigating within city, county and state services. Co-developed, edited and published the Newark Constituent Guide. Represented the Mayor on public and private sector panels speaking on an array of issues relevant to government and social issues. Hosted and organized the city’s first “Open Office” hours which enabled the mayor and administration officials to meet with over 1,500 residents with the first year. Hosted and organized “Community Outreach Fairs” which mobilized city, county and state resources within communities around the city. Orchestrated the city’s largest back to school festival in collaboration with KISS FM, HOT 97 and the Newark Police Foundation. Reassessed and made recommendations for legislative changes to the City of Newark’s Restaurant Ordinance. 

As a Political Consultant:

  • Orchestrated the political operations for designated areas within the city of Newark and Essex County for my respective client/s.
  • Supervised paid and non-paid staff members in addition to well over 500 volunteers.
  • Managed the operational budget allocated for assigned area.
  • Increased voter popularity/turnout for client/s.
  • Assessed, made recommendations and implemented action plans to best accomplish the overall goal for assigned areas.

As a Family Service Worker for Essex County Government:

  • Managed a case load of over 300 welfare clients from Essex County.
  • Counseled clients, made assessments and referrals necessary for clients to attain proper assistance.
  • Represented and defended County/State actions at court hearings.
  • Assisted clients in the development of Individual Responsibility Plans.

As the Community Coordinator for Tri-City People Corporation:

  • Met with community stakeholders as well as private and corporate partners.
  • Lobbied and advocated on behalf of the agency for an array of different matters.
  • Made program assessments and provided recommendations to the agency’s director.
  • Fought against banks who were not abiding by the conditions of the community reinvestment act.

As a Junior Administrator at Bloomfield College of New Jersey:

  • Planned and organized leadership retreats, social gatherings and trips for students, faculty and staff.
  • Supervised and managed the budget for over 50 student government organizations.
  • Created and implemented the Student Government Merger.
  • Served on the Presidential search committee.
  • Created, secured funding and supervised the Residence Life Development Program; under the auspices of the Office of Residence Life.
  • Developed and raised funds for the NEW student government office.
  • Supervised a six-week summer program for incoming freshmen students.

As the Associate Director and Youth Events Coordinator for the South Ward Cultural Center:

  • Supervised Summer Youth Workers.
  • Supervised Youth Volunteer Program at Great Adventures.
  • Organized youth events and curriculum for over 1,500 youth throughout the year.
  • Assisted in the preparation and attainment of governmental grants.
  • Established a Pepsi and Pepsi Cola Product Entrepreneur Program, which employed Newark Youth.